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This shear makes a great and more dynamic range of motion and cutting angles possible. In addition, it is one of the best shears for helping to prevent or relieve carpal tunnel problems. 
Pick it up and you will immediately know why they call it Shear Comfort. Stylists continually vote this the most comfortable shear they have used! We’ve had tons of reports of carpal tunnel problems being completely eliminated or significantly reduced after switching to this shear.

1. It helps to prevent and reduce wrist problems
2. It is ergonomically correct and very comfortable to hold and use
3. It gives you dynamic range of motion and more control over the scissor

Information about features of hair cutting scissors

Before buying a good scissors buyer must have the full information of scissors, as scissors has different names e.g Barber Scissors, Grooming Scissors & Thinning Shears etc. The same way a scissor has different features and feature of the scissor are most important for the buyer who want to buy good scissor. Mostly features of the scissors are as under.

Blade shapes:
1- Convex blades: This blade is shaped and rounded from the outside of the scissors blade up to the edge.
2- Beveled blades: This is a straight plain/flat blade.

 Edges Sharpness

1- Convex Edge: This does not have a visible separate edge. This is a new technique in scissors edges and has a long lasting sharp cutting effect. This helps for a effortless cutting and for long period of time
2- Razor Edge: This edge is done for scissors with convex shape blade. A separate edge is crafted at the end of this convex shaped blade.
3- Beveled Edge: This is a regular form of edge which was initially introduced. This has a slight creaking sound (two blades meet) as this is a nature of metal. Never-the less this is still considered as a very successful type of blade. This edge has an ability to cut any form of hair and this edge is heavier/thicker than other edges. This is still used around the globe.

1- Off-set handles: The scissors with this type of handle has two different handle sizes. Where the middle finger fits in the hole, this handle is slightly longer compared to the handle where the thumb is inserted.
2- Simi-Off set handles: This is more-or less similar to the off- set handles. The only difference is that the length size of the handles is slightly less difference in length.
3- Opposing handles: The lengths of both the handle are the same and therefore called opposing.

1- Adjustable screw system: This type of screw does not need a screw driver to adjust. This can be immediately adjusted according to need of the user. Scissors with adjustable screw are over-all more preferred, for this reason.
2- Premium Screw (Riveted Screw): This type of screw will only be adjusted with the help of a screw driver.
3- Fixed Screw: This type of screw cannot be adjusted after manufacturing; its use is negligible now.

 Finger Rests

1- Detachable finger rest: These finger rests are screwed to the handle and can be removed by un-screwing according to need.
2- Fixed Fingers: These finger rests are in one form with the scissors and are shaped when the first stage of scissors forging is done. These can not be removed or detached. These can only be removed by cutting them off. These forms of finger rest's are also called fixed finger rests.



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